Best of 2016

This is suppose to be where I write about my year and everything that happened in the last twelve months, but I didn't feel like writing all that out. I decided just to show you what I captured throughout the year. So below is my favorite image from each month...


The first few months of 2016 I was busy going to Staples Center a few times a week working for the LA Clippers. It was unbelievable getting to see all the players close up and getting the capture the game through my style. This was from one of the first games of the new year. The intros are always my favorite. 


February was a tough month with a lot of sports overlapping. This was from a softball game at CBU. After shooting basketball for the last couple months, getting outside to capture softball was refreshing and allowed me to try some new things. I just really like this image with the whole team together and the minimal blue sky. 


This was towards the top of best moments of the year. The CBU mens basketball team winning the PacWest championship. Last season I was with these guys a lot and seeing their hard work pay off in March was inspiring. They dominated rival APU in the final. 


April was a busy one as well. With finals at the same time as the NBA playoffs, it was a bit of a challenge balancing it all out. The Playoffs were amazing though, with the energy of the fans and passion of the players. It all added up to a few great games to shoot. Although it ended a lot sooner than expected due to some injuries to CP and Blake, it was still a highlight. I can't wait till this years playoffs and hopefully the Clippers make a long run through June. 


I went back home to Sacramento in May. This summer I kind of took a break from creating just to get refocused creatively. It was a nice break from everything. This image was one of the few I took in May. The final stage of the Tour of California was Downtown. I went down to capture it and tried a lot of new things. This photo was my favorite showing the motion and speed of the riders against the backdrop of the the capitol building. 


Over summer I wanted to get back to my first photography passion, landscapes. I took a trip out to Utah and Arizona for a week to capture all the national parks. It was a great trip just focusing on capturing God's creation. This image is of Horseshoe bend in Arizona. After seeing so many photos of this place I wanted my own. I spent two days here waiting for the right light and sunset and it paid off. 


I think this was just about the only photo I took in July. This is the solo tree in Roseville. I try to go here everytime I am back in town. There is just something about this tree all by itself that I like to capture in all kinds of conditions. This sunset was not that colorful so I opted to go black and white. 


August I started the creative side of me back up again, I had a lot of things to try after spending the summer dreaming up ideas. I went back to CBU early to create all the marketing photos for the fall sports. It was a lot of fun executing my ideas and seeing them finished on posters and flyers all around campus. This shot was from the shoot with the swim team. The lighting, pose, and water all came together to make a nice image of a DII National Champion. 


I did a lot of personal shoots this year. Some worked and some didn't, but this was of my favorites. After 30 minutes or so of shooting this athlete, I thought I this angle and spent the rest of the shoot making it perfect. The clouds really make it work nicely. I can't wait to get working on more shoots in 2017


This was definitely my favorite game of the year. The Sacramento Kings home opener in the new Golden 1 Center. I was actually thinking of buying a ticket just to see this historic night, but the tickets were just too much. But a few weeks before, I was asked to come and take over the Kings Instagram for the game. I could not believe it, for years the city was unsure if the Kings were going to stay. We fought for the team and this building was the final step in keeping the team forever. It was an honor to capture the night for the team. The energy was incredible and you could tell it was a new era of Kings basketball. I won't forget this night anytime soon. 


This is probably the image I am most proud of this year. From the player intros of Midnight Madness. I had this idea ever since the last midnight madness and finally was able to try it out. I practiced a lot of remote cameras this year, many failed attempts but this one did not. I mounted the camera above the stage on the lighting truss. I loved all the photos from this angle. It was a special night with it being the last time in the old gym. Can't wait to finish this basketball season with the guys and see how far they can get. 


I am two months into my second year with the Clippers. This season feels different, I am finally getting photos I am proud of, and getting to capture all the NBA stars up close is still unbelievable. This photo of Steph Curry is my favorite this season. I am trying to focus on more behind the scenes of the game this year, and this shows that off. It is such a dark and moody image of the leagues top shooter, which makes it a unique image. Anyways, the Clippers are looking good this season, and can't wait to finish the season in 2017.  

If you made it this far, thanks for all the support this year! I focused everything on my sports photography and it is beginning to pay off. I learned so much more and had some great experiences. I am truly blessed to be where I am with the talent God gave me. I can't believe graduation is just a few months away. I am not sure what my future will look like or where I will be, but I will be working harder than ever to create memorable images. Have a great new year!